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Ecolite Box Type Fluorescent Lighting Fixture

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Ecolite Box Type Fluorescent Lighting Fixture

Foldable Spring-Type Lamp Holder

Fixture Features

▪ Fire Retardant Starter Hole

▪ Easy access to starters

▪ No exposed internal components

▪ Spacer prevents direct contact with mounting area

▪ Spacer makes the fixture stiffer

▪ Mounted foldable lamp holders make the fixture easier to use and safer to transport

▪ Better contact than conventional lamp holders

▪ Eliminates turning or twisting of lamp

▪ Rigid support on lamp eliminates use of attaching devices like ropes and strings

▪ Continuous wiring prevents short circuits

▪ Thermal tube protects wires from the heat of the ballast

▪ Wires are soldered to internal components to ensure safety

▪ Wire stopper protects internal wiring from accidental jerking of external wire

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