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Street Solar Light LED with Remote Control

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SCHET Solar LED Street Lamp with Remote Control

Light Induction

Radar Induction

Working Time: 12-15 hours, 1 raining days

Model No.: CET-260-50W

Solar Panel Capacity: 6V 6W

The Battery Capacity: 3.2V 5000mAH

Model No.: CET-260-100W

Solar Panel Capacity: 6V 10W

The Battery Capacity: 3.2V 10000mAH

Model No.: CET-260-150W

Solar Panel Capacity: 6V 12W

The Battery Capacity: 3.2V 12000mAH

Model No.: CET-260-200W

Solar Panel Capacity: 6V 15W

The Battery Capacity: 3.2V 15000mAH

Model No.: CET-260-250W

Solar Panel Capacity: 6V 18W

The Battery Capacity: 3.2V 20000mAH

Product Features:

• Prevent bask in rain

• Superstrong infrared remote control receiving

• Tripe waterproof of 5 meters wire

• High quality solar energy components

• High lumens LED

• Lighting for more than 10 hours

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